Will I release a new game by the end of 2023?
Jan 1, 2024
M$820 bet
This market resolves to NO, if by the end of 2023 I have not released a new game. It resolves YES if I do release a new game. Releasing a game into Early Access on steam **counts** as releasing a game and will receive a YES resolution. My previous game Slay The Spire took about 2.5 years before we launched it into Early Access. May 15, 12:14am: Updated to say that this includes game jam games!

joy_void_joy bought M$100 of YES3 days ago

Game jam makes it quite likely in my opinion

Mr Stone bought M$100 of NO9 days ago

Bit late, but here it is!

Mr Stone is betting NO at 67% 13 days ago

@SneakySly I will match any yes-bet of you by a no-bet to motivate you, up to 1000 manifollars.

SneakySly is betting YES at 70% 10 days ago

@stone Awesome, I will bet an additional $100 then for now.

Kieron George 14 days ago

Do you associate with any game jam people and would it count?

SneakySly 13 days ago

@KieronGeorge A game jam would count. I do associate with some jam people. (Although I do not currently have a jam in mind to participate in, I could in the next two years.)

Mr Stone bought M$5 of NO14 days ago

Either you don't and I win (manifollars) or you do and I win (a game!).

Rai bought M$40 of NO16 days ago

Games are hard

Mr Stone is betting NO at 42% 8 days ago

@agentydragon this is the creator of the legendary roguelike deck builder 'Slay the Spire'!

Nathan bought M$50 of YES16 days ago

Here's hoping

Manifold Markets bought M$20 of YES18 days ago

We all hope so! Maybe we should make a game called that's a version of Manifold Market plays Slay The Spire!

Austin bought M$10 of YES18 days ago

👀 👀 👀