Will I have developed a decent incremental game before the end of 2025?

I'm a long-time fan of incremental games, and I frequently brainstorm ideas for how I might design a fun and engaging incremental game. I believe I have a pretty good understanding of what makes incremental games fun/unfun, and I'm confident that I could conceptualize of a game that I would quite enjoy playing.

Unfortunately, I hitherto have not acquired the technical know-how to actually create such a game, despite having started (and ultimately always abandoned) free online courses for game design several times.

Recently, I have been using GPT4 to assist me in writing code that was previously quite a bit beyond my capabilities. Some part of me is hoping that LLMs of the near future will be proficient enough at coding that a lazy "ideas guy" like me will be able to use them to easily develop a decent incremental game.

I currently work a part-time job and have quite a bit of free time. I waste most of my free time watching Youtube videos and playing games. If I developed better discipline and spent my time more productively, I believe I could probably become quite proficient in programming relatively quickly. I have been expressing this same sentiment for the better part of a decade.

Resolves YES if, before the EOY 2025, I have developed (without paying for human assistance) an incremental game which receives generally favourable feedback from a relevant community. For example, at the time of writing, my resolution criterion would be to link the game to reddit.com/r/incremental_games and see if a majority of the comments (representing at least 10 distinct players) regard the game as a decent incremental game (i.e. generally enjoyable to play and not simply a "proof of concept").

Resolves NO otherwise.

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The world needs more fun incremental games!