Who will be promoted to Diamond from the Intuitive Faeries league?
resolved Jun 1

Intuitive Faeries is looking like one of the toughest and most competitive platinum leagues:


There are lots of big names in the group, including 2nd place and 7th place on the all time traders leaderboard (1st and 5th if you don't include bots).

Only five can be promoted to the Diamond League at the end of the month though. Who will it be?

The 24 runners and riders are:

@SimonGrayson @MarcusAbramovitch @firstuserhere @levifinkelstein @PatMyron @Heliscone @vincentpearce @Fedor @BrendanFinan @JosephNoonan @A @eclair4151 @Stralor @toms @Lorenzo @JohnSmithb9be @Tyler31 @GeorgeVii @tornado @Thekla @cloe @Predictor @JulianM @NikitaSkovoroda

The market will be resolved as a 5 way 20% each tie between top five from the league who are promoted to Diamond.

This market is just for fun so market manipulation, insider trading and attempts to mask gains and losses by members of the league are allowed and encouraged!

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bought Ṁ40 of @NikitaSkovoroda

This was indeed the most competitive (highest cutoff) league of them all. ~M9400... Audacious-Wererats were at ~M8200, and Bayesed-Basilisks were at ~M7600. It was absolutely crazy to watch you all. Amazing work! 💪
And good luck in the next Season!

@SimonGrayson you were so close, a shame really you didnt make top 5

bought Ṁ50 of @PatMyron

@firstuserhere Such a shame, you put up a good fight

sold Ṁ8 of @SimonGrayson

@SimonGrayson would've been promoted in literally any other division

Cheers guys - and well done to everyone who secured promotion! I think I did all I could this month, so no regrets!

sold Ṁ572 of @firstuserhere

this is what the fina leaderboard looks like to me

I believe that is the true final as that is what I also see (and not changing).

@SirCryptomind yeah but wanted to ss because some people are saying that it's still jumping around for them

sold Ṁ6 of @SimonGrayson

@firstuserhere The numbers are still moving around slightly for me - I'm seeing firstuserhere on 26,787 and Marcus on 20,682 when I click on the leagues. Only slightly different to that screenshot but not fully frozen either...

1 firstuserhere Ṁ26,704

2 Marcus Abramovitch Trustworthy. ish Ṁ20,913

3 Pat Myron Ṁ10,931

4 Nikita Skovoroda Ṁ10,251

5 Levina Finkelstein ✅ Ṁ8,835

▲ Promotes to Diamond

6 Simon Grayson Ṁ8,518

still changing?

bought Ṁ20 of @levifinkelstein

looking forward to a quiet(er) season two with the faeries. who knows what all those new plats coming in flush with money from winning gold will do though!

bought Ṁ200 of @SimonGrayson

It ended I believe

bought Ṁ120 of @PatMyron

This is when the countdown timer went away.

sold Ṁ23 of @levifinkelstein

@SirCryptomind Yep - these seem to be the final rankigs!

I'll wait until there's some kind of full confirmation before resolving the market.

sold Ṁ100 of @SimonGrayson

@SirCryptomind I refreshed the page and levina jumped up again. I think things are a little broken

bought Ṁ200 of @levifinkelstein

@bingeworthy Crazy... We're still moving around after the rankings have supposedly closed?

bought Ṁ10 of @levifinkelstein

@bingeworthy probably locked in earlier than we thought and the servers went screwy

bought Ṁ300 of @levifinkelstein

Ah yea, I see the timestamp, that would mean it was still moving for like 10 minutes, so that would make sense if that is indeed the final.

bought Ṁ50 of @levifinkelstein

@SirCryptomind Markets been moving aaaalll day


@Mira you just had to snipe

since this is a pari-mutuel market, it prob should close early 😅 (I say as someone who now can respond to twelve hours of shuffling, cutting out others' profits)

bought Ṁ120 of @SimonGrayson

@Stralor Levina really tanked down almost to demotion to Gold, wowzers!

bought Ṁ10 of @SimonGrayson

@SirCryptomind aaand Levi is back

@Stralor Absolute scenes...

@levifinkelstein - was that a glitch or is there a market which your promotion hopes are riding on?

sold Ṁ120 of @SimonGrayson

🤣 Ahh Market Manipulation

@Stralor Ah... I'm slightly disappointed it's not a more interesting market!

On the point of closing early... Since this is meant to be a bit of a fun/silly market (as mentioned in the original description) my instinct would have been to leave it open. But I'm happy to close it early if people would prefer to treat the profit element of it a bit more seriously! I could put up a poll?

@SimonGrayson buying myself up to 30%. I will lose some but i think it will make the market more interesting xD