What percentage of their money will FTX customers get back?

This market is about the average FTX international customer

EDIT: If recovery percentages vary among customers, a weighted average will be used. For example, if 2% of customers hold 90% of the claim value and recover 130%, while 98% of customers hold 10% of the claim value and recover 120%, the market will resolve to (130% * 0.9) + (120% * 0.1) = 129%.

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@traders I've updated the market description to clarify the resolution method. I realize the initial description could have been interpreted to mean either a normal or a weighted average. If you believe this update has caused you any loss, please dm for a refund

Claims are ~9-10B, depending on what you count, they've recovered ~7.8. There's no way people are getting back >100%, which is what it was prior to my trade.

@Najawin Check out this market, too

Claims are currently trading at 93-97%: https://claims-market.com/
This also indicates that there should be a chance of more than 100%

@Simon74fe I glanced through the restructuring company's site. They very much so do not portray the image that people are getting back >100%.

Do you expect there to be reporting stating a particular amount on the dollar that these customers had returned?

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