Will the Israeli government legislate any additional rules as part of the judicial revolution?

This question will resolve if any law, in addition to the "reasonability clause" law and the "incapability" law, that is widely regarded to be part of the efforts of the current Israeli government to change the legal and political system, will pass in the Knesset. This resolves to Yes if any law reaches the final stage in the [Haaretz](https://www.haaretz.co.il/news/politi/2023-03-07/ty-article-magazine/00000186-b118-d12c-a3af-b7fac2090000) tracker other than the two mentioned above. This will resolve No upon the dissolution of the current government (which might happen in the 2026 elections or earlier). If the tracker is no longer updated, similar alternative Israeli media sources can be used.

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