Will Israel's process of judicial review be reformed during the current Knesset term?

This market resolves YES if, during the term of the 25th Knesset, a law is passed altering the conditions under which the judiciary may review legislation.

The precise nature or extent of the changes is irrelevant to the resolution of this market: if the judiciary or part thereof is denied juristiction over certain categories of law, or if a supermajority is required in some or all cases to strike down legislation, or any other limitation or restriction is placed on the judiciary's ablity to strike down some or all types of legislation, this market resolves YES. A law which purports to exempt itself (only) from judicial review is insufficent, however—only a law which purports to shield some or all other laws from review counts for this purpose.

Otherwise this resolves NO when the 26th Knesset is sworn in.

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