Will at least 1000 Israelis be charged with supporting/inciting terrorism and other related offenses in 2023?
resolved Feb 21

Currently it's about 60. Virtually all Arab Israelis, even though there are many calls for violence against Palestinians. I'm interested to know if "terrorism" related arrests will massively step up, so this is left open to additional related offenses that might be enacted this year, such as a recent one to prevent "systematic consumption of terrorism content".

This does not include any Palestians that are not Israeli citizens.

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N/A as per the earlier comment. Adalah has not released an update and I don't know of any other source that reported this.

Extending. Latest report on the subject is from November, says there were 253 such arrests, investigations, and warning calls. I expect Adala to publish additional reports.
If there is no clarity by the new deadline, will resolve N/A https://www.adalah.org/uploads/uploads/he-1311-detentions-report%20(final-).pdf

Will resolve this tomorrow. Need to do some research

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It's hard to imagine it ramping up by 2 orders of magnitude. Hope I won't be wrong about that...

This is only in Israel right? Indictments abroad don’t count?