Will I get any rationalussy at Manifest?
closes Sep 27

aka Will I have sex with someone at/around Manifest?

Forgive the meme title; It got you to look didn't it?

I've bought my plane ticket, manifest ticket, and hotel is reserved. Barring calamity, I will be going to manifest this year, and I'm hoping to make some friends. Possibly some with benefits.

I don't wanna write a bunch of legalese. In general I will resolve in the spirit of the market. Some specific clarifications:

  • If I'm unable to attend manifest for some reason, this resolves N/A

  • If I have sex with someone who I met completely disconnected from manifest, that doesn't count.

  • It can be someone I've met before and meet again at manifest, but not someone I already know well.

Why you might buy YES:

  • I suspect Manifest will be a pretty good place to meet people who are roughly interested in the same things as me.

  • As an (idealistic) goal I've been wanting to have more casual sex and be more sexually open in general.

  • I am probably best described as pansexual and pro-polyamory, so there are lots of "fish in the sea".

  • Someone might see this market and know where I stand on the issue and thus be more willing to be the first to broach the subject.

  • I mean just look at me. Who wouldn't want a hunk of that? 😉

Why you might buy NO:

  • In practice, I am anxious and awkward in general and even more so about sex. It's very easy/"safe" to avoid even broaching the subject, restrain the horny and act almost as if I'm asexual. It's a minor miracle I posted this market, but text is often easier than in person so the fact I posted this market isn't great evidence that I'll be able to talk so plainly in person.

  • I mean just look at me. Who would find that attractive?

Feel free to ask questions in the comments. I will not bet on this market.

Get Ṁ500 play money

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Vote here!

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Jonathan Raybought Ṁ0 of NO

Mira don’t do me dirty by doing him

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dieselbaby1337bought Ṁ50 of NO

Sorry buddy

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@dieselbaby1337 if you're trading to make mana don't apologize; that's what I signed up for.

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darkbrandonbought Ṁ500 of NO
fat nerd guy
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Jeremiahpredicts NO

@darkbrandon oh god I thought this was a confirmation image at first almost panic sold

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Kevin Blawpredicts YES

Is there a market for if any of the NO traders are going to rationalussy-block Sexyvacu?

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MrLuke255predicts NO

@KevinLobLaw I don't think so, feel free to add

JonathanRay avatar
Jonathan Raypredicts NO

I’m a Mira going to manipulate this market to win 24000 mana?

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Quantum Gambler

Will this be streaming on the Manifold+ Max?

firstuserheresold Ṁ1,123 ofYES
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@firstuserhere FUH just dumped on me 😭

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@Mira and bought back. Gotta keep turning over a profit as well

Mirabought Ṁ1,481 ofYES
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I believe in the attractive power of rationalussy magic.

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Kevin Blawpredicts YES

Does someone beating off on your face count?

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@KevinLobLaw Yes, I find it hard to imagine a scenario where that wouldn't count

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Joghnpredicts NO
AdriaGarrigaAlonso avatar

@Joghn Kevin is going to buy yes and take the market resolution into his own hands, so to speak

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NunyaBidnesspredicts YES

does oral or manual stimulation count as sex for the purposes of this question?

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@NunyaBidness Generally yes