Will Israel free another living hostage by military means in the next 4 months?
Oct 9

Resolves YES if a living hostage crosses into Israel as a result of an operation by Israeli security forces.

Israel estimates there are less than 100 living hostages out of the 120 kidnapped people who are still in Gaza.

After 4 hostages were rescued yesteday on the 8th of June, a Hamas spokesperson said measures are being taken to make sure it does not happen again.

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bought Ṁ200 NO

I think this is a bit high but possible; also holding NO is a good hedge for me.

@RichardHanania 78% for another rescue! Too optimistic?

bought Ṁ50 YES

Israel won't stop until she brings all of them home, dead or alive 🇮🇱

@AlexCao lol @ your name

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