Is a NATO-aligned or anti-Russian entity responsible for the Nord Stream attack?

Background: Nord Stream Pipeline 'Sabotage' Sets Up New Crisis Between NATO and Russia

I will resolve this market once there is definitive evidence of the nation, organization, or individual responsible for the attack, according to my own personal judgment. Official statements by the US or Russia alleging that they did or did not carry out the attack will not count if not backed by hard evidence.

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I think this can be resolved YES purely on the basis of the rhetoric coming from the entities under suspicion of doing it.

The more interesting question now is how deeply involved the United States Government was in this operation.

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@Akzzz123 does this image look AI-generated or is it just me?

@Akzzz123 Can a Ukrainian official against the Ukrainian president be considered "NATO-aligned"? Then sure, I guess he can be seen as "anti-Russian"

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@CodeandSolder The number of fingers (including those in the reflections) seems ok

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@mariopasquato to be clear, I'm not suggesting it is (P<5%), it just has that vibe to it IMO

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All of the reporting so far has used known unreliable or reasonably dubious sources. Have there been any good information leaks or evidence?

Pro-Ukrainian group

Which one is yes?

Cui bono?

Hmm skimming the article it seems it is all based on one anonymous source? Or is there some other evidence?

Seems Hersch has done great investigative work but has received criticism for

His stories, often alleging vast and shadowy conspiracies, have made startling — and often internally inconsistent — accusations, based on little or no proof beyond a handful of anonymous "officials"

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Can someone point to a time the US or any of its allies committed a similar act against another allied country?

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@Nostradamnedus European allies I mean.

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@Nostradamnedus Sachs is saying COVID came from the Wuhan lab (plausible), which received U.S. funding (true).

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@Nostradamnedus Listen to the podcast

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