Was a western-aligned party (such as the US or Ukraine) responsible for the Nord Stream attack?

If one or more of the US, Ukraine, or European Union countries were responsible for the recent Nord Stream attack, this question resolves YES.

If Russia or Belarus was responsible, this question resolves NO.

If a different nation or a non-state actor was responsible, and in my estimation their motives were aligned with one of the two sides, this question will resolve accordingly.

This market resolves once we have a definitive answer to this question. If we never reach a point where I can safely be that confident either way, it'll remain open indefinitely.

(The intent of this market is similar to https://manifold.markets/zzq/was-a-westernaligned-party-such-as but without a fixed end date or likelihood of N/A.)

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I've bid it up to 77% intentionally because that's been the baseline in this related market for months. I will subsidize this market with any winnings I might make on that market. I may participate later as circumstances evolve.

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