Will women lower their standards for men on average by 2033?

This could happen for any reason, for example, here are some ideas of what could happen to cause them to change their minds:

  • Competition from AI romance apps

  • Competition from porn, OnlyFans, AI-generated porn, etc.

  • Competition from hypothetical future AI sexbots

  • Greater awareness of competition (which already existed) from women of different ages, etc.

  • Some kind of backlash against feminism, which indirectly leads to this result

  • New dating approach which gives men more chances to prove themselves sweeps the single female community, as it gets results

  • Women come to realise that men now actually structurally earn less, partly due to them entering the workforce, and this means they have to lower their standards for how much they expect men to earn

  • Women come to realise that if they lower their standards for some criterion X but raise their standards for some other criterion Y, this could improve their chances of finding a good man that they would actually like (I guess this is kind of a generalisation of the previous point)

  • Women come to understand male sexuality, male behaviour, etc. much better and are much more forgiving of it, through good YouTube videos/podcasts/large language models patiently explaining to them, etc.

  • Dating apps, or changes to existing dating apps, are launched which nudge women into reducing their criteria lists by eliminating at least 1 or 2 points, and they find success because they get results

  • Men just get better at seducing women, and/or dating apps get better at matching people, and women start ignoring their long criteria list and just faling in love with men who don't meet their stated criteria, but they fall in love with them anyway

  • Demographic shifts

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What an absolutely terrible market.

Interesting market. Are there any particular metrics you're focusing on for resolution? Are you considering women globally or in a specific country? Specific demographic groups?

For example, college educated American women are growing at a much faster rate than college educated American men, so unless that reverses meaningfully, decreased supply leads to lower standards in time.

What sort of punctual event would trigger resolution?

Men will be physically annihilated in peak oil.