Will PCSK9 inhibitors cost less than $2000 per year before 2029?

Resolves as YES if the annual cost of PCSK9 inhibitors drops below $2000 (US) in at least 4 of the following countries: USA, UK, France, Japan, India, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy before January 1st, 2029. Various factors such as discounts and generics may contribute to the price reduction. This question primarily focuses on the out-of-pocket cost for an uninsured patient to account for variations in national healthcare reimbursement and prescription policies.

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Key Details:

  • Current Cost: As of 2024, the cost of PCSK9 inhibitors such as Repatha (evolocumab) and Praluent (alirocumab) is typically higher than $2000 per year in many regions.

  • Price Measurement: The price considered will be the average annual cost for a standard dosage as prescribed for an adult patient.

  • Verification: The price will be verified through publicly available data from reputable sources such as healthcare databases, insurance company formularies, or pharmaceutical company pricing information.

  • Timeline: The market will resolve based on the prices available before January 1st, 2029.

Resolution Criteria:

  • Yes: If before January 1st 2029, the average annual out-of-pocket cost of PCSK9 inhibitors for a standard dosage is found to be less than $2000 in at least 4 of the specified countries (USA, UK, France, Japan, India, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy), this market will resolve to "Yes."

  • No: If the price remains $2000 or higher in at least 6 of these 9 countries, this market will resolve to "No."

Additional Information:

  • The market takes into consideration various forms of price reduction, including but not limited to discounts and generic versions, as long as the out-of-pocket cost to the patient averages less than $2000 per year.

  • Adjustments for inflation or changes in standard dosage guidelines will not be factored into the resolution of this market. The exchange rate value is taken into account for different currencies compared to the US dollar.

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