What will be the next 'classic' episodes on the 80,000 Hours podcast?
#120 – Audrey Tang on what we can learn from Taiwan’s experiments with how to do democracy
#121 – Matthew Yglesias on avoiding the pundit's fallacy and how much military intervention can be used for good
#122 – Michelle Hutchinson & Habiba Islam on balancing competing priorities and other themes from our 1-on-1 careers advising
#123 – Samuel Charap on why Putin invaded Ukraine, the risk of escalation, and how to prevent disaster
#124 – Karen Levy on fads and misaligned incentives in global development, and scaling deworming to reach hundreds of millions
#125 – Joan Rohlfing on how to avoid catastrophic nuclear blunders
#126 – Bryan Caplan on whether lazy parenting is OK, what really helps workers, and betting on beliefs
#127 – Sam Bankman-Fried on taking a high-risk approach to crypto and doing good
#128 – Chris Blattman on the five reasons wars happen
#129 – James Tibenderana on the state of the art in malaria control and elimination
#130 – Will MacAskill on balancing frugality with ambition, whether you need longtermism, & mental health under pressure
#131 – Lewis Dartnell on getting humanity to bounce back faster in a post-apocalyptic world
#132 – Nova DasSarma on why information security may be critical to the safe development of AI systems
#133 – Max Tegmark on how a 'put-up-or-shut-up' resolution led him to work on AI and algorithmic news selection
#134 – Ian Morris on what big picture history teaches us
#135 – Samuel Charap on key lessons from five months of war in Ukraine
#136 – Will MacAskill on what we owe the future
#137 – Andreas Mogensen on whether effective altruism is just for consequentialists
#138 – Sharon Hewitt Rawlette on why pleasure and pain are the only things that intrinsically matter
#139 — Alan Hájek on puzzles and paradoxes in probability and expected value

In the last couple of years, in December/January, the 80,000 Podcast has re-posted or re-released a few episodes from previous years and highlighted them as 'classic' episodes.

What episodes will be marked as 'classic' next?

This will resolve YES to 1+ episodes, depending on how many episodes get re-released as 'classics' in the next 'batch'. Ie. from when the next 'classic' episode is (re-)released, until regular (new) episodes are released.

In other words, last year this would have resolved YES for:
#100 (re-)posted on December 27th 2023 (originally released May 2021)
#111 (re-)posted on January 4th 2024 (originally released September 2021)
#112 (re-)posted on January 8th 2024 (originally released October 2021)

#90 (re-)posted on January 12th 2024 (originally released January 2021)

These were released in one 'batch', ie with no new 'regular' episodes in between them (though there was a one-off highlights episode) and are highlighted as 'classic episodes' in their titles

At the end of 2023, 4 episodes originally released in 2021 were marked as 'classic'

At the end of 2022, 3 episodes originally released in 2020 were marked as 'classic'

At the end of 2021, 2 episodes originally released in 2019 AND 2 episodes originally released in 2018 were marked as 'classic'

At the end of 2019, 3 episodes originally released in 2018 were marked as 'classic'

Given this pattern, I am setting episodes from 2022 as answers

The deadline may be extended as necessary

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