Will any Manifold Politics market have Ray Shaun Elussy as an option by the end of October?
resolved Jan 27

Presidential races often involve an "October surprise". Perhaps Manifold Politics will have its own surprise by October, by having beloved meontologist and Galois knot theorist Ray Shaun Elussy appear as an option in one of its markets.

Resolves YES if any multiple choice question created by @ManifoldPolitics has "Ray Shaun Elussy" as one of the options. The option doesn't have to be created by Manifold Politics itself, as long as the question was. "Multiple choice question" would also include a poll, or a reskinned binary market if that ever becomes a thing. Basically, interpret it broadly as any type of question/market that has multiple options.

Inspired by: https://manifold.markets/ManifoldPolitics/who-will-win-the-2024-democratic-pr-47576e90fa38#OL4zzbfFICGobiwC7rZj

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I am sad that I missed the chance to bet on this market, but at the same time, I am also happy because it means Ray Shaun Elussy got his well-deserved representation in Manifold Politics markets.

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@Daniel_MC Oh man, I forgot that MP already had a free response market.

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@PlasmaBallin yeah ahaha. I felt a bit guilty!

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