Will Forsen beat xQc's Minecraft record before September 2023?
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Forsen and xQc are both variety streamers who often play competitive games. But sometimes they take a break to play more creative and fun titles. One of the games both decided to try out when their own favorites got stale was Minecraft. But Forsen and xQc quickly turned Minecraft competitive with their speedrunning antics.

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Aghis predicting NO at 59%

If he grinds attempts long enough he will eventually get the god-seed and beat xqc's record just by pure chance. The question is if he will get tired of the game before that happens.

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Perhaps add to description: Which category? Should we expect them to post their runs on a verified speedrun leaderboard? What times do they have now?

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Chief Kyiv (edited)

@kenakofer They are doing a back and forth in random seed speedruns, they don't aim for the ladder. They just beat the others record and then basically completely stop until their record is broken. They aren't too strict about the rules, they use in game time and they pause a lot/talk to chat during the speedruns.

  • 2020.12.22 xqc 28:10

  • 2021.01.28 Forsen 27:49

  • 2021.02.20 xqc 27:42

  • 2021.02.22 Forsen 26:36

  • 2021.02.24 xqc 25:37

  • 2021.03.08 Forsen 22:56

  • 2021.03.14: xqc 20:45

  • 2021.04.03: Forsen 20:38

  • 2023.01.10: xqc 20:05

  • 2023.03.23: Forsen 18:10

  • 2023.05.07: xqc 16:38

Those are probably not all in the beginning, looking those up is taking too much work.

In the big gap xqc only occasionally did speedruns. As far as I remember between every other record they basically exclusively speedrun minecraft on stream for hours.

xqc got some coaching from k4yfour when he got the 20:05, started to use ninjabrain and some more advanced F3 menu strategies. I think he started to use the "the wall" to generate multiple seeds at the same time just at the last record.

Forsen continues to just generate one seed at a time and is generally less technical/advanced in strategies, but grinds a lot of seeds. He does now use ninjabrain which he refused in the beginning of the 18:10 grind, not sure if he is consistent about it or knows all strategies.

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