Will xQc beat Forsen's 15:28 record in under 500 hours?
Oct 2

It took Forsen 838 hours to beat xQc's 16:38 record in Minecraft RSG speedrun.

forsen - Minecraft Streams · TwitchTracker

He shaved 1 minute and 10 seconds off of that to get a 15:28, will xQc be able to beat that in under 500 hours.

Resolve NO if xQc doesn't attempt it at all by March 31st, 2024 or confirms that he is done with MCSR.


SInce xQc got back to MC speed-running and none of the market resolution conditions were met, I'm extending this market for 3 months(July 1st, 2024).

Resolves Yes - If xQc beats the record in under 500 hours

Resolves No - If xQc goes over 500 hours in time played without beating the record or explicitly mentions that he has given up on competing for the record.

I will keep extending the market until one of the resolution condition is met.

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I'm conflicted about whether I should resolve this NO on 31st or extend it since xQc did technically attempt it last year right after Forsen beat his time but at the same time he hasn't played it in months and nothing suggests me that he will in the near future.