What cards from Modern Horizons 3 will be banned/restricted after release in any format within a year of release?
Nadu, Winged Wisdom
Ugin's Labyrinth
Kappa Cannoneer
Emrakul, the World Anew
Ral, Monsoon Mage
Flare of Cultivation
Flare of Malice
Flare of Denial
Flare of Fortitude
amped raptor
Echoes of Eternity
Ulamog, the Defiler
Flare of Duplication
Kozilek, the Broken Reality
Sylvan Safekeeper
Cranial Ram
Cranial Ram (unresolved)

Modern Horizons 3 is releasing soon and has had a lot of cards spoiled. Gavin has said that at least one card is likely to be banned in pauper, and past Modern Horizons sets have seen bans in modern.

Each answer resolves YES when the card in question is banned or restricted in any format after it's release date.

Preemptive bans/restrictions on set release, such as those used in historic, or reprints of cards that are already banned/restricted in some format are not counted as bans for this purpose - though cards that are reprinted in MH3 and later banned/restricted in non-modern formats do count.

This is only including cards with the MH3 set code - not special guests, list cards or cards in the associated commander set, but including reprints in the main set.

Please add more cards to the list as you think they will be banned (or think they won't be) - I have filled the list based on speculation I have seen.

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What formats count?

I assume you wouldn't count "my friends and I invented a new format, we played one game of it, and then we banned every single MH3 card", and that you would count Commander despite its ban list not being managed by WotC.

But what about things like Oathbreaker and Penny Dreadful? What about random one-off formats on Arena that show up for limited-time events?

Cranial Ram is preemptively banned, so not banned after release.


@PaulMaynard Obviously, shame on me for not reading carefully. But this is a pretty counter-intuitive caveat. Can you elaborate on why you included it? I see you mention the Historic format, but was that really likely to apply to this market?

@themightysalmon I wanted this to be about cards banned for unanticipated reasons - pre-banned cards, such as ram or ones announced in historic the other day, are just cards not intended for that particular format, so I didn't include them in my definition. The flares were banned in historic as well for the same reason.

Truthfully I was expecting them to give it a little time in pauper to see how it played, and was betting accordingly myself.

@themightysalmon Though on second thought I really should unresolve it since it could still be banned in other formats. Whoops.

I can't do it myself though because it's too old. How do I fix this?

@PaulMaynard You can ping the mods (@ + mods) to see if they’re able to (depends case by case)

@Ziddletwix @mods can you unresolve cranial ram on this market? i erroneously resolved it because i though it was closed but it's still up in the air.

@PaulMaynard I can't unresolve it. I think this may be related to an old thing where you couldn't unresolve in general in multi-outcome independent markets. I think that's a Manifold limitation, and equally true for mods and regular users.

@EvanDaniel Oh well. I'll just make a new option with the same name i guess. Thanks for trying.

@PaulMaynard I unresolved it

sold Ṁ129 Cranial Ram (unresol... NO

@Gen Thanks. Can you remove or N/A the duplicate one I made? Sorry for causing confusion

sold Ṁ10 Cranial Ram YES

@PaulMaynard so can I have the mana Input into the unresolved version back in someway?

@Ajelenbogen An N/Aed market should give you back all the mana you put in.

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