Will I finish first place in a Manifold League Platinum Division for November 2023? [Ṁ300 Pool]
resolved Dec 2

I am currently way out ahead in my Gold League division, and almost certainly will be promoted to Platinum at the end of October. Will I manage to finish in first place in a Platinum division for the month of November? Anything less resolves No.

Arguments for Yes:

*A commanding first-place standing in both Bronze and Gold shows that I am a consistent user who is optimizing for Leagues.

*Some Platinum divisions turn out pretty easy! There are several that I would already be 1st place in with my current Gold performance.

*I have figured out how to get decent popularity for my own markets sometimes, which makes League performance much steadier.

Arguments for No:
*First place is a high bar! My placement in Gold could be a fluke, and Bronze was trivially easy.

*Some Platinum divisions turn out rather tough! There are some current Plat divisions in which I would be greatly overshadowed by their number 1.

*I have never used an API before, and it seems like that might be part of being a successful power-user.


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Def got some swings that could happen, but ultimately Genzy and Michael don't seem to be Leaguemaxxing so I've had an easier time than anticipated.

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@Panfilo Even death may die.

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