Will SquiggleHub have more active users than Guesstimate, in Jan 2025?

On Jan 2026, I will check if there were more active users on Squiggle Hub vs. Guesstimate.

An "active user" is one who has made at least one edit in that period.

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Some thoughts, from myself:
- We expect to spend roughly the next year on Squiggle, with maybe 1 month or so on Guesstimate.
- We'll mostly focus on the EA community.
- Guesstimate got a fair bit of popularity on Hacker News and Medium, not sure if we can replicate that with Squiggle/Squiggle Hub.
- I think Squiggle is a fair bit more powerful than Guesstimate. But it's more intimidating to many.
- I'm fairly unsure if Squiggle will wind up being more popular. I think that if we have a lot of resources to dedicate to either, Squiggle would wind up being a fair bit better and more popular (there seems to be a much higher ceiling of potential), but I don't know if we'll have that time.

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