Will Israel be a 'full' or 'flawed democracy' according to the Democracy Index in 2030?
closes 2030


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Will Israel be a democracy in 2030?89%
Will the US be a democracy in 2035?88%
Will the US be a democracy in 2050?82%
Will India be a democracy in 2050?54%
Will South Africa remain a democracy until 2030?79%
Will any of the following Western countries abandon democracy by 2030?19%
Will Nigeria be a democracy in 2040?56%
If Israel's judicial reform bill is passed, will Israel have negative GDP growth in 2023?39%
Will the controversial judicial reforms under consideration in Israel be passed and signed into law by the end of 2023?35%
If Israel’s judicial reform bill is NOT passed, will Israel have negative GDP growth in 2023?19%
Will Israeli LGBT rights be discernibly eroded before 2026?28%
Will the US officially recognize the sovereignty of the State of Palestine by 2030?24%
Will Sweden keep being a democracy until 2030?94%
Will Birthright to Israel be entirely free at the end of 2024?69%
Will Israel withdraw from the West Bank by 2050?13%
Will at least one Latin American country stop being a democracy in 2023?33%
Will the US have a Jewish president by 2033?8%
Will the United States be rated a free country by Freedom House in 2028?85%
Will there be another Arab Spring by 2035?47%
Will the "core" Jewish population of the UK be greater than that of Canada by 2030?34%