Will there be a televised debate between Labour and Conservative leaders before the next UK General Election?
resolved Jun 5

Televised leader’s debates are a relatively new feature of UK elections and with mixed incentives to partake, their future is in question. This market resolves YES if a televised debate between the leader of the Labour Party and the leader of the Conservative Party takes place before polling day of the next UK General Election.

As there have been some political interactions televised that wouldn’t count as a traditional debate, I’d be looking for all or most of these criteria to be met:

  • Both leaders appearing in the same broadcast.

  • Direct interaction between leaders, i.e. they are permitted to respond to each other’s statements directly.

  • Equal representation, I.e. both leaders are allowed to speak for approximately the same time.

  • A moderator to provide questions and enforce the rules of the debate.

  • Broadcast on one of the main free to air UK TV channels.

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Looks like the ITV debate on June 4th will cause this to resolve YES. I've pulled forward closure date to remind me to resolve, assuming it goes ahead, if it does not then I will push back to polling day.

If the ITV debate was in a format where the leaders cannot respond to each other's statements directly then I might have to reconsider whether this is a YES resolution.

Just Labour and the Conservatives? Would it count if other parties are at the debate?

@Jony Good question! I would resolve YES if it was e.g. top 5 party leaders, however I would expect the Conservative and Labour parties to command the majority of the airtime.

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