Will anyone find out my secret identity by the end of 2023
resolved Jun 4

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Stevenpredicted YES at 90%

Is it OK to post the answer here? (I'm giving up on trying to get people to bet NO.)

42irrationalist avatar
42irrationalistpredicted NO at 83%

@StevenK i've just bet NO

StevenK avatar
Stevenbought Ṁ100 of YES
42irrationalist avatar
42irrationalistbought Ṁ10 of NO

@StevenK i see you bet YES and i immediately add more NO shares

NihilCranes avatar

@StevenK sorry, I'll resolve it yes if you pm me on discord (my main one, I only have one). I haven't been using this alt because I've just been shitposting on main, so I didn't see this.

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