Will the Georgia v Trump case be removed to federal court for any defendant?
Jul 1

Context: https://www.politico.com/news/2023/08/15/trump-georgia-case-removal-federal-court-00111240

Resolves YES iff the Georgia case against any of the defendants is removed to federal court.


  • federal law allows a prosecution or suit to be "removed" (i.e. transfered) from state to federal court if the case stems from a federal officer’s governmental duties.

  • This question resolves based on the venue of any defendant's prosecution. If any defendant is able to remove (not just Trump) that counts.

  • (Standard rule, just to be clear:) The close date does not matter for the resolution criteria of this market. It will be changed as needed.

(Derived from https://manifold.markets/jack/will-the-georgia-v-trump-case-be-re?r=TmlhbGxXZWF2ZXI)

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Meadows gets these justices for his appeal in the 11th circuit:

-Adalberto Jordan (Obama)
-Robin Rosenbaum (Obama)
-Charles Wilson (Clinton)

predicts NO

@AdamTreat What's more they specifically asked for briefing on whether the removal statue Meadow's is trying for is valid for former federal officers. This isn't something that either Meadows nor Georgia has brought up before. Georgia just replied and said, "Why YES, that is RIGHT, he can't get removal because he is former and not current federal officer"

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