Will any of the 19 defendants in Fulton County Trump case be removed to federal court?


Several of Trump's co-defendents are already petitioning a federal court to remove the case. It is widely speculated that Trump himself will try. This question resolves YES iff any of them succeed and NO iff no defendent is successful in having the case removed to federal court.

To be very clear, if someone starts cooperating, the case drops, they die, etc this will resolve NO. The only way it will resolve YES is if someone successfully convinces a federal judge to remove the case and for that removal to be upheld on all reviews.

UPDATE: Trump himself has elected NOT to try and remove the case to federal court: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/23997414-23sc188947-notice

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Eastman has a better argument

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@AdamTreat Sorry I meant Jeffrey Clark. Because investigating and legally fighting supposed election fraud was more clearly within the scope of his job.

@Radicalia It wasn’t though. He was told multiple times by his superiors that it was not a part of his job. They gave testimony on this. Read the response by Willis..: I would say Clark has one of the worst cases for federal removal.

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