Will the new Tesla Roadster have rockets providing propulsion (not extra grip) for additional acceleration?
Dec 31

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Just to clarify, this would mean that the (rumoured) cold gas thrusters would have to provide forward momentum instead of just a vertical force?

So the resolution criterion would be something like “the vector of the force applied is not purely vertical, but has a horizontal component“? But it would still resolve YES presumably if the vector is angled in an in-between position, providing both grip and thrust?

The most likely implementation is obviously having thrusters angled in between purely horizontal or vertical. So not a binary situation. Would it resolve NO if it‘s “not just propulsion“, i.e. it has any vertical component, or YES if it‘s “not just grip“, i.e. has any horizontal component?

(Presumably something like “most of the force is for thrust/grip“ is really hard to pin down, since that will be context-dependent.)