Will the Democrats control the Senate after the Midterms?
resolved Dec 7

Oct 3, 6:29pm: 50 caucusing democrats + VP counts as control

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I have resolved this market using my admin powers to expedite midterms tournament results.

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Any reason why this hasn't been resolved?

Democrats will keep control of the Senate, CNN projects, after victories in close contests in Nevada and Arizona.

Will you extend the deadline if Georgia goes to a runoff and the Democrats have 49 seats not counting Georgia?

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@ManifoldMarkets can you reopen this for 2 weeks?

@NathanpmYoung Creators can edit the closing time of a market whenever you like by clicking on the text that says the closing date under your name above the graph. I don't have a quick way to do it as an admin unless I go edit it in Firebase so I'll let you reopen it.

It used to be more clear but is less so now with the UI changes that makes things look cleaner but maybe slightly less intuitive 🤔

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You should re-open this market.

@SG Who do I ask to do that.