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Is getting celebrities or high-profile participants involved in prediction markets helping with the institutional credibility issues you’re talking about? Do you see that helping with making the case for the readership? Both?


Do you think there's hope for forecast-oriented news (e.g. Base Rate Times, or at least forecasts that are publicized on a greater than monthly basis) getting wide adoption on par with major news outlets, or as part of major news outlets?


Make a prediction: in 5 years, will 5% or more of news articles in reputable organizations reference a prediction market?


How much of the adoption issue by media organizations is due to insufficient accuracy and / or boldness in predictions? If a news organization knew there was a source where they could get scoops before everyone else, certainly convincing editors would be easier?


What are your favorite articles by each other?


How big is the risk of popularizing prediction markets in news articles leading to intentional distortion of them?

Are there markets you repeatedly wish existed, eg that you check for but that don't exist.

What article has had the most impact on your life

Was there a specific time when a prediction market made you change your beliefs about something significantly?

What do you see as the difference between citing a prediction marker and citing a pundit with a great forecasting track record in the domain? Is one more tractable in journalism?

Do you think forcasts are gonna have an "infographic moment" where news orgs increase their use a lot

What do you consider the best solution to "PMs having arbitrary resolution is an obstacle to institutional uptake"?

(if this gets picked please don't make me read it out loud, I am terrified of even brief public speaking)

Would love to hear their opinions about In-Q-Tel and the backlash in the news at the time

Do you personally believe that liquid play-money prediction markets work?

How will the push for gambling content in sports journalism affect journalist norms on non-sports topics over the next several years, and will it be net good or bad?

Not a question, but for what it’s worth, Matt Drudge has linked directly to PredictIt several times over the last few months.