How will house prices change in the 12 months to December '23? (Positive is growth, negative is fall)
resolved Feb 18

According to the OBR house price index released in Dec 23, how much will the average UK house price have changed by in the previous 12 months.

Often the OBR report includes a line like "Average UK house pirces increased by X in the 12 months to.." if so, I will use this number, positive if growth, negative if not, otherwise I will take the best number I can.

The value to compare against will be December '22. The OBR report from then states:

"The average UK house price was £294,000 in December 2022, which is £26,000 higher than 12 months ago but a slight change from [November]'s record high of £296,000."

Feel free to ask questions:

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@RanaG I can only resolve to integers, what's your issue?

I think I can't resolve to -1.4

Please resolve @NathanpmYoung

predicted LOWER

Are you expecting delayed delivery of the report?

The latest ONS house price report (which, bear in mind, has a substantial lag, so it is reporting numbers for April) has the average house price at £286,000, so a reduction of 2.7% at that time.

-3 seems very reasonable

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When you say OBR in your description, I think you mean the ONS?

Also, there is no "UK" in the title, on a website where most of the users are from US.