Will Manifold support betting fractional M$ by August 1, 2022?
Aug 2
M$635 bet
This market resolves as "YES" if, on August 1, 2022, Manifold allows users to bet amounts of M$ that are less than M$1 or have nonzero numbers of M$ after the decimal point.

Martin Randall bought M$2 of YES14 days ago

Arguably should resolve yes already if the API allows it.

Undox bought M$5 of YES14 days ago

The back end allows it. It is just the JavaScript validation that prevents it. So technically easy to do.

Daniel Reeves 14 days ago

Argh, no, 1 mana is $0.01!

SirSalty bought M$50 of NO14 days ago

What if instead of adding fractional M$ we just made everything bigger? Ppl like big numbers