Will Elon Musk lose his security clearance by the end of 2025?

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He currently has a security clearance??? Oh God, no.

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I mean it's not a great situation but I don't see it changing.

@evergreenemily he works with NASA. I 100% expect him to have some minor level of security clearance at least

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@evergreenemily Yes, and he turned off his satellites that Ukrainians were relying on in the middle of a counterattack in order to sabotage it.

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@NADZOR Oh, I knew about that bit. I guess he must have had security clearance to know about that, huh...

Really, really don't like that billionaires can cut off our means of communication on a whim like that. We should really fix that.

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@Stralor If you’re a detriment to nat sec or, say, actively aiding an enemy state in conflict, it’s never too late to lose said clearance.