Will Law and Justice party (PiS) win the majority in Polish parliamentary elections to Sejm in 2023?
resolved Oct 17

Results to YES if majority of seats in Sejm will be taken by candidates from PiS electoral comitee lists.

Election is planned for October 15th.

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@MrLuke255 I've never been so happy to lose Mana lol

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@CodeandSolder XD

We'll see what happens now

Looking at polls as an outsider currently I'm predicting largest party but not an outright majority

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@calcium1445 It depends on couple of factors, including if some opposition parties will pass the threshold or not

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bought Ṁ10 of YES

betting yes to hedge lol

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@CodeandSolder To hedge what?

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@MrLuke255 the burden of living under PiS government

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@CodeandSolder Ah, I forgot you are Polish too

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Here's how it went in 2019: https://sejmsenat2019.pkw.gov.pl/sejmsenat2019/pl/wyniki/sejm/pl

PiS had 43,53% votes which resulted in 235 seats.

So they have to win + have majority of seats?

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@StanisawKokocinski I think it's how the proportional system work, but what I'm asking for is whether people selected from PiS election lists will have the majority of seats in Sejm, that is 231 or more.

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I've updated the title to reflect what exactly I am asking about

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@MrLuke255 in Poland usually winning is related to having majority of votes/seats. Not necessary having 50%+ seats as it is not a common result. But the explanation is clear.

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