Will Dwayne Johnson win the 2024 US Presidential Election?
resolving Jan 20, 2025
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Dean Valentinebought Ṁ10 of NO

fk when you have no and buy 100$ worth of yes it actually sells the no automatically

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Dean Valentine

@DeanValentine no actually I'm just retarded

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Isaac Kingis predicting NO at 5%

@DeanValentine Well it does do that. 1 NO share plus 1 YES share always equals M$1, so there'd be no reason someone would want to hold both. If you buy one type of share while holding the other, they'll cancel out and return you mana.

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Confluxbought Ṁ10 of YES(betting on rugpull, not Dwayne Johnson winning)
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Account deletion requestedis predicting NO at 3% I created a derivative market: https://manifold.markets/Yusef/will-dwayne-johnson-win-the-2024-us "Will Dwayne Johnson win the 2024 US Presidential Election?"
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Account deletion requestedis predicting NO at 3% @JiSK ops, thanks for providing the correct link!
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Confluxsold Ṁ50 of NOBased on the creator’s bio and other information, pretty worried they’re not going to resolve this right. Obviously Dwayne Johnson won’t win.
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John Beshirsold Ṁ3,037 of NONot selling because I think this has even 1% chance of happening, I just needed the liquidity for things that had higher rate of return due to resolving sooner. Anyone who isn't already 20 NO in this market can get "free" money by buying that with their loan, presuming good resolution. It's just two years out.
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Mosiahbought Ṁ1 of NO* "more than 5%" should read "more like 5%"
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Mosiahbought Ṁ1 of YESCan you explain why you think it's more than 5% that The Rock will smell what the White House chef is cooking? I made this market as a test of the resilience of play-money prediction markets, because I personally can't understand why anyone would give credence to them....
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Alex Powerbought Ṁ20 of NOI think the correct odds are closer to 5% than 15%. But definitely higher than 1%.
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Account deletion requestedsold Ṁ44 of NOI created https://manifold.markets/M/will-yusef-question-about-dwayne-jo to ask is this market going to be resolved correctly
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NormalAnomalybought Ṁ20 of NOThe real uncertainty here is on this market resolving correctly.
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Spindlebought Ṁ500 of YESfails
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Spindlebought Ṁ1 of YESheads
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Confluxbought Ṁ100 of NOMy god, how is this at 19% now? Buying some NO that I can sell if needed once it gets back down to like 1%.
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Lorenzobought Ṁ142 of NOMaybe someone using it to transfer money between accounts? Or there is a derivative market I don't see? Or someone YOLOing M$ 1717?
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Leonardo Taglialegne (minbought Ṁ20 of NO@Blume: I'd expect it's because of the new loans feature?
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Mike Blumebought Ṁ60 of NOWhy is this market active all of a sudden?