Will Muhammad Yunus be sentenced to six or more months in prison by January 1, 2024?
resolved Jan 1

Dr. Yunus is a nobel laureate economist currently facing charges in Bangladesh.

"Ten days ago, Bangladesh’s highest court turned down an appeal from Yunus, which will allow the case against him to proceed. His daughter Monica Yunus, who leads a New York nonprofit called Sing for Hope, claimed on LinkedIn on Aug. 28 that Hasinia has threatened to arrest Yunus without bail in the next week or two. If convicted, Yunus would be sentenced to at least six months in prison.

These events unfold mere months before Hasina seeks her fifth term in office. Analysts of Bangladeshi politics have speculated that Yunus’ Nobel win in 2006 as well as his formation of a rival political party in 2007 have rankled Hasina [current Prime Minister of Bangladesh]. Now, with elections looming, she’s come out all guns blazing." (Quartz, published Sep 1)


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