Will Manifold Markets add an option on market creation to disable betting for the market creator?
Jul 31
M$131 bet
Explanation: For many markets the market creator could have insider knowledge or can rug pull the market by resolving dishonestly. When the market creator could disable betting on the market for himself (on market creation, displayed publicly). This would become harder to do. Example: https://manifold.markets/MilliOnaire/will-i-work-for-manifold-markets-be This market resolves "YES" when such an option is added or when the market closes and the feature is announced. Otherwise it resolves "NO" on close.

agrippa bought M$10 of NO9 days ago

Eliciting insider knowledge is a feature not a bug

Sinclair Chen bought M$10 of NO9 days ago

more in favor of just public bets on your own markets

Martin Randall 10 days ago

For free response markets the creator should probably be allowed to add responses.

John Beshir bought M$20 of NO10 days ago

I think public bets might accomplish the goals here, and there's some movement towards that (at least as default) that might reduce motivation for this feature.