Will I work for Manifold Markets before 2022-09-01
Aug 31
M$16 bet
Will I work for Manifold Markets full time or on a project (pay in M$ does not count)? This market will be decided ahead of time in case of YES. Pros: * Experience as a fullstack developer. * Diploma in (financial) mathematics * Enthusiastic about Prediction Markets Cons: * English not native language * Residence in Europe Warning: The team at Manifold Markets and I obviously have insider information. I promise not to bid on this market.

Milli Onaire 11 days ago

I'm not sure if it was a good idea to announce that this market will close ahead of time in case of YES. People can infer that it will be NO as time passes. On the other hand new hirees will probably be announced in a timely fashion anyways. What do you guys think?

agrippa 8 days ago

@MilliOnaire Yes it seems like conditionally closing the market will always have this property, not sure of the purpose of doing that

Austin bought M$1 of YES11 days ago

Thanks for your interest! Let's find some time to chat: https://mni.fo/austin-chat Also, do you happen to have a link to your resume, or a personal website or something like that? (You can also email me directly at austin@manifold.markets)

Milli Onaire 11 days ago

@Austin: I've sent a mail to jobs@manifold.markets, I'll forward it to you directly.

Milli Onaire 9 days ago

@Austin I'm already planned out next week but will create an appointment the week after. Feel free to reject the appointment if you don't see me working for Manifold Markets but I think I'd like to talk anyways in that case. :)

Undox bought M$1 of YES12 days ago

The pros are pretty decent there! Good luck. It will depend a lot on who else applies, whether you decide you want the job, and if the Europe thing is a problem (if MM centers on an East Coast US time zone for synch. comms., maybe it is not such an issue).