Will I find someone to seriously date within six months?

For relevant information about me see the conditional market:

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I know the resolution is NO but to me this market is more about whether you have the courage to resollve it as NO.

bought Ṁ10 of NO

@KevinLobLaw If it helps, I had the courage to resolve this market as no, which was my largest mana loss at the time:

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@MilfordHammerschmidt also, feel free to pick up more free mana on the dc market

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@MilfordHammerschmidt Whatever you do, don't discover dating apps until AFTER this market closes.

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@KevinLobLaw loll, you should read the description in the d.c. market for some more context ;p

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@MilfordHammerschmidt Thank you. I wish you shame and misery for the next few months so that I can reap in that sweet, sweet Mana.