Will Space X go public by 31st December 2024?

Will SpaceX IPO happen ( list and start to trade ) before 31st December 2024?

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What benefit would there be for the company if they went public?

It seems to me like a company that exists by making huge, seemingly impossible bets would only be hindered by the bullshit that comes with being publicly traded.

Elon has said before that he wishes he hadn’t taken Tesla public for this reason, although that is possibly not his opinion at this point and maybe never really was.

I’m waiting for y’all to pump the odds up on this one and I’ll dive in with a NO position.

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@CoryS true Elon did say that in past, but also mentioned that he will make sure Tesla long term share holders get some stake in SpaceX as well in a tweet about couple of years ago.

Profitably hits this quarter

Elon is turning 52

Star ship for going around the moon is being built and tested. (Second test next month)

Starlink is serving 1.5 million customers and counting, with T Mobile as partner going to tap revenues from telecommunication giants.

NO credible competitors including Nations.

Going public will give them access to funds to scale up the starship (tentative Mars landing try 2024/2028)

150B valuation in private for this company ? While no credible product EV SPAC like Vinfast got 75 B in current market 😆.

@McDonaldReddy It’s not clear at all to me that going public gives them better access to funding to achieve their goals. They have become the premier global launch provider and are financially sound at this point. Having a board/shareholders/media nightmare involved in being public would impede the goal of making life multi-planetary, in my view.

@McDonaldReddy I’ll put my money where my mouth is eventually!

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@CoryS trying to raise billions in this current high rates environment from private is no good. Refer to other cap tables to get an idea in private equity

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@McDonaldReddy indeed and I placed my bets accordingly 😂

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Misleading title - usually "by the year Z" means before said year, so here it's incongruent with resolution criterium.

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@Metastable We are all well read and educated adults to read description, Date of expectation and understand accuracy of grammar before placing bets, don't we :)

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@McDonaldReddy No, we are all adults that aim to communicate in a way that prevents misunderstandings, which is why we avoid the word "by" in market titles

I assume Starlink spinning off to IPO doesn't count for this market?

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@Mqrius correct.

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