Will Polymarket ban obviously racist comments on the Discord in 2023?
resolved Jan 1

Polymarket has loose rules on the discord and currently allows users to post blantantly racist comments.

If they add any new rules that explicitly ban racism or all forms of discrimination, this market will resolves Yes.

If they only act on an adhoc basis to ban users on a case by case basis - then it will resolve as No.

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your market might get more volume if you had clearer resolution criteria

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@ilzolende I clarified the rules.

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@MaybeNotDepends that doesnt look like discord

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@MichaelMyers It's not. It is someone creating an intentionally racist name in likely reaction to me advocating for anti-racism on the discord (I'm also advocating for banning racist usernames).

the fact that Polymarket does not seem to care about this, is more evidence that they will fail to act. very unfortunate.

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@MaybeNotDepends Is your stance that no one is allowed to use that word?

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before you added the specific condition that polymarket needs to have a set rule on it, I was betting on how the question was originally... whether they would remove blatantly racist comments... Now I say this, because they have to remove the offending comments/posts or they risk their discord server being shut down.

If you read the discord community guidelines, it's in there. It doesn't matter if they have or don't have this in each individual servers rules/guidelines. This applies to all discord servers.
I've seen discord servers get deleted because it was reported, the admins were warned. But they let too much slide, and boom it was gone.


Polymarket doesn't have it written down, but they have to abide by this. this applies to servers and individual users.. They can get reported and discord will ban the account.

If this market was back to how it was originally asked, without that condition you added, whatever the blatantly racist comments are, they would be removed or the server gets removed as well as the individual accounts.

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They already have and do ban blatant racist comments you clown

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@MaybeNotTheFather Thanks for the 250 Mana bonus for joining! Polymarket acts sporadically - see my recent examples posted in the discord.

how blatant is it

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@MichaelMyers The latest was using the word "negro" intentionally (the person knew what they were doing).

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@MaybeNotDepends does this happen often?

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@MichaelMyers It comes in waves. People realize that there aren't rules and say mean stuff (racism, homophobia, sexism, personal attacks, etc) just because they can.

And then they attack me if I dare to say we shouldn't do it (see the person who created a new Mana account just to troll me in the comments above).

It's classic bullying tactics and it shouldn't be allowed.

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@MaybeNotDepends what was your solution to those incidents? would it be to just remove the msgs and warn.? If persists, ban. or outright ban.? or warn?

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@MichaelMyers I'd warn people and then ban repeat offenders. Or if people start making new accounts just to troll and are violating from the start, ban.

For most cases, people know what they are doing and are intentionally being offensive. So there is a strong case for banning them without warning as they need to realize that behavior online is unacceptable. (Similar to how we treat people who post spam/fraud links)