When will be the first year that GDP doubles (i.e., a period of 12 months in which there is 100% growth of global GDP)?

There are reasons to think that we might see exploding rates of economic growth this century. One scenario is that the development of artificial general intelligence could lead to rapid scientific and technological progress, resulting in fast economic growth.

The year that GDP doubles because of AI is sometimes called 20AI. I am interested in when this year (a period of 12 months) will take place.

I guess there will be reliable sources to tell whether we see 100% global GDP growth (inflation-adjusted) within the span of one year, so I won't yet specify what source I will use for resolution.

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Inflation-adjusted GDP? Otherwise you get there easily with 100% annual inflation.

@lu yes, good point. inflation adjusted!

Venezuela and many Africans countries have triple-digit gdp growth all the time 🤔