Will there be at least one year before 2040 in which real US GDP grows by at least 6% as measured from a prior peak?

This question will resolve to YES if there is at least one year during which the real US GDP grows by at least 6% as measured from a prior peak GDP level, and NO otherwise. The condition that real GDP reaches a new peak level is to ensure that recovery from a recession does not trigger positive resolution. For example, if the GDP series was [1.0, 0.85, 1.02] this question would not resolve positively, because the greatest growth over the sequence was only 2% as measured from a prior peak.

This question will rely on credible estimates from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and in case there is uncertainty over whether real GDP grew by at least 6%, will wait until a final report is obtained. If the BEA is not active during resolution, or does not publish a relevant report, another credible source will be chosen at my sole discretion.

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Based on historical data, US real GDP growth of at least 6% as measured from a prior peak has been relatively rare in recent decades. However, we should take into account potential changes in economic conditions, fiscal policies, technological advancements, and other variables that could impact GDP growth in the future when considering this market.

Historical data is limited in predicting future events, especially given the extent to which factors contributing to GDP growth can change over time. With a few exceptions, such as the post-World War II period and periods of high inflation or major policy changes, US real GDP growth has generally been below 6% in recent decades.

By 2040, several factors could contribute to a higher probability of achieving at least one year of 6% growth in real GDP from a prior peak level, such as advances in technology, substantial upticks in demographics, or significant changes in fiscal policies that result in higher growth.

With a current probability of 46.0%, I find the market slightly undervaluing the chance of seeing at least one year before 2040 where the US experiences 6% real GDP growth measured from a prior peak. Considering the diversified factors that could impact GDP growth in the future, as well as the rarity of such high growth rates in recent decades, I would only marginally adjust the probability higher.

Based on this assessment, I would place a relatively small bet on this market: 10