Will an AI achieve a perfect score on the Miklós Schweitzer Competition before 2035?
closes 2035

The Miklós Schweitzer Competition is a highly challenging annual Hungarian mathematics competition, open to university students under the age of 30. The competition consists of 10 mathematical problems, and participants have 10 days to submit their solutions. Solving these problems requires deep understanding and creativity in mathematics. An AI achieving a perfect score on this competition would be a significant milestone in the development of AI capabilities in advanced mathematical problem-solving.

Will an AI demonstrate the ability to achieve a perfect score on the Miklós Schweitzer Competition before January 1st, 2035?

Resolution Criteria:

This question will resolve to "YES" if, before January 1st, 2035, an AI system clearly demonstrates the ability to achieve a perfect score on the Miklós Schweitzer Competition, adhering to the following conditions:

  1. The AI system must solve all problems correctly within the timeframe given to human competitors in the real-world competition.

  2. The AI system must not have access to any external resources or assistance during the competition, including:
    a. External computational equipment or devices.
    b. Communication with other AI systems, mathematicians, or individuals.
    c. Access to solutions or hints for the specific competition problems.

  3. The AI system must not be trained on content that could directly spoil the solutions to the competition problems. Training material should be limited to publicly available resources, such as past Miklós Schweitzer Competition problems, textbooks, and research papers.

  4. The AI system's performance can be validated in one of the following ways:
    a. Participating in the actual Miklós Schweitzer Competition simultaneously with human competitors.
    b. Completing an officially administered version of the competition, supervised by the competition organizers or a group of expert mathematicians, who will verify the AI's adherence to the rules and the validity of its solutions.
    c. Achieving a perfect score on a practice test under any conditions that make it very clear that the AI would be able to obtain such a score under real-world conditions, in the opinion of the question creator.

The question will be resolved using the question creator's discretion, possibly in consultation with experts in mathematics and AI. Additional details or clarifications may be provided as needed.

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