Will a game of Pong be played with a galaxy as the ball before 2040?

Pong is a classic arcade game in which two players control paddles on opposite sides of a screen, attempting to bounce a ball back and forth without missing it. The concept of playing a game of Pong using a galaxy as the ball is a hypothetical scenario that would require extraordinary technological advancements and an unprecedented level of control over cosmic phenomena. The feasibility and timeframe for achieving such a feat are uncertain.

Will a game of Pong be played using an entire galaxy as the ball, with two players or entities controlling cosmic-scale paddles, before January 1st, 2040?

Resolution criteria:

This question will resolve to "YES" if, before January 1st 2040, a game of Pong is publicly and credibly documented to have been played using an entire galaxy as the ball, as evidenced by:

  1. The successful manipulation and control of an entire galaxy, moving it in a manner consistent with the back-and-forth motion of a ball in a game of Pong.

  2. The existence of two cosmic-scale paddles, which must:

    a. Be controlled by two distinct players or entities, which can be human, AI, or any other form of intelligent agent.

    b. Possess the ability to interact with the galaxy in a controlled manner, altering its trajectory and bouncing it back towards the opposing paddle.

    c. Be constructed from cosmic-scale materials or forces, such as condensed matter, gravitational fields, or other extraordinary means.

  3. The demonstration of a scoring system consistent with the rules of Pong, in which:

    a. A point is awarded to a player or entity when their opponent fails to intercept and bounce back the galaxy.

    b. The game progresses through multiple points and continues until a predetermined winning score is reached.

A successful demonstration must be accompanied by:

  1. A publicly accessible report or documentation detailing the methods, technologies, and mechanisms used for the manipulation of the galaxy and the construction and control of the cosmic-scale paddles.

  2. Independent validation of the results by at least two separate entities with expertise in astrophysics, cosmology, or related fields. These entities can be research groups, institutions, or companies.

  3. The publication of the findings in one or more peer-reviewed scientific journals.

  4. The ability for astronomers, space agencies, or other qualified observers to monitor and verify the game of Pong, including the movement of the galaxy and the interaction with the cosmic-scale paddles.

I will use my discretion when resolving this question, possibly in consultation with experts.

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this happening would, among other things, require something that breaks the speed of light, bc the milky way is 90k lightyears wide and every other galaxy is farther away.

... are you using a language model to write these? it doesn't read like one, but that's quite a bit of typing for a joke

@jacksonpolack Yes, it was GPT-4 that wrote this 😂