Will Texas stop forcing women to carry dead/dying babies to term before 2025?

Currently the Texas abortion ban(s) apply even where there are fetal abnormalities incompatible with sustained life. This forces Texas women to give birth to dead babies or to babies who will die within minutes of their birth, with conditions such as ancephaly.

This can be emotionally devastating in addition to dangerous to the pregnant woman, leading to this so-called "pro life" legislation being more like an anti-life equation. Will Texas's ban(s) no longer apply to such pregnancies by the end of 2024?

This can resolve YES if:

* The Texas legislature amends the abortion ban(s) to exclude such cases - resolves YES if the bill becomes law by 1/1/25, even if it's effective date is a little later

* An injunction broad enough to cover all such cases is entered and upheld on appeal all the way up the chain - market will extend iff the relevant injunction is in effect on 1/1/25 but appeals are still pending

* A binding opinion letter is issued interpreting the existing ban not to cover such pregnancies - will resolve YES only if the letter is binding enough to allow providers to in fact provide abortions in such circumstances without fear of liability

Some current challenges:



Note that even if these challengers win, the rulings might not be broad enough to resolve this market to YES - it depends on what they actually say.

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