Will Google win its search antitrust trial?
Aug 1

There is currently an antitrust trial going on between the United States and Google regarding monopolization of search. This question will resolve YES if the trial judge Amit Mehta finds Google not liable for any antitrust violations. Will resolve NO if the trial judge finds Google liable for at least one antitrust violation. Note that the resolution is based on the trial outcome - appeals don't matter for this.

Close date is a guess, and will be extended or closed early if needed.

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No idea what is taking judge Mehta so long. Extended close.

There are no antitrust trials going on between the FTC and Google, but there are two antitrust trials going on between the DOJ and Google. Presumably, from your below comment, this market is about the Google search case, not the Google ad tech case, right?

@awaitepawana yes you are right.

Judge Mehta, apparently too scared to do his job, set closing arguments for 6 freaking months out from the end of trial. Updated close date accordingly. Will update again after closings when judge Mehta gives a sense of when we will get an actual ruling.

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