7) The concept of “LLMOps” will emerge as a trendy new version of MLOps.

When a major new technology platform emerges, an associated need—and opportunity—arises to build tools and infrastructure to enable this new platform. Venture capitalists like to think of these supporting tools as “picks and shovels” (for the upcoming gold rush).

In recent years, machine learning tooling—widely referred to as MLOps—has been one of the startup world’s hottest categories. A wave of buzzy MLOps startups has raised large sums of capital at eye-watering valuations: Weights & Biases ($200 million raised at a $1 billion valuation), Tecton ($160 million raised), Snorkel ($138 million raised at a $1 billion valuation), OctoML ($133 million raised at a $850 million valuation), to name a few.

Now, we are witnessing the emergence of a new AI technology platform: large language models (LLMs). Compared to pre-LLM machine learning, large language models represent a new AI paradigm with distinct workflows, skillsets and possibilities. The easy availability of massive pretrained foundation models via API or open source completely changes what it looks like to develop an AI product. A new suite of tools and infrastructure is therefore destined to emerge.

We predict the term “LLMOps” will catch on as a shorthand to refer to this new breed of AI picks and shovels. Examples of new LLMOps offerings will include, for instance: tools for foundation model fine-tuning, no-code LLM deployment, GPU access and optimization, prompt experimentation, prompt chaining, and data synthesis and augmentation.

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New York's Hottest Club is LLMOps. It's got everything...attention masks, kube-flows, humans reinforcing machines so they feel better about their learning. It finally answers the question, "Can you write an essay for me?"

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@PatrickDelaney Nah, DJ ConfigMap applied for a slot on the schedule, next thing you knew the whole thing came crashing down out of nowhere.