Will a Manifold subscription include a "blue check"?

When Manifold first offers a subscription service where users can pay a monthly USD amount for mana and other benefits, will the initial package include a "verified" or "trustworthy ish" or similar badge? Will it be like 2023-01-01 Twitter Blue in this respect?

Actual text not important, but it must be displayed next to user names, not only on the profile page.

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what if the badge said "supporter", "sponsor", or "sub"?

I don't think paying money makes one trustworthy. Unless there's some kind of terribly overcomplicated escrow or real money penalty or something. No, better to consider these things orthogonal.

@Sinclair that would resolve the market yes, "actual text not important".

Paying money means that if the account is banned for spam or other violations of terms then there is a financial penalty of losing the money paid. For fiat money there's also a link to a real life identity.

Not great but also not nothing. This becomes more important as AI gets better at imitating humans.

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ah I failed to read >.<

@Sinclair Relatable. Also, it says "actual text not important," but what about the badge? Must it actually have a check? What if it has two lines going across it or something?

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