What kind of paid subscription service will be offered by Manifold before 2030?
Paid subscription to get extra boost on your markets
Paid subscription to get cosmetics on your avatar/markets
Paid subscription to get cheaper question creation
Paid subscription to get priority/exclusive matches in match marking on Manifold.love
Paid subscription to get larger/faster loans
Paid subscription to get news feed provided by Manifold

What kind of paid subscription service will be offered by Manifold before 2030?

Only services requiring a user payment of $1 or more per month will be considered valid for this resolution. Additionally, paid subscription services introduced on extended Manifold platforms (such as Manifold Politics, Manifold.love, or Manifund) will also be included in this consideration

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Last year, Steve outlined a possible feature set for a paid subscription

Poll: Would you buy Manifold Gold?

Manifold Gold is a premium subscription plan for Manifold which will give you

  • A gold badge next to your name

  • Access to Loans, which give you 2% of your invested cash back each day (assuming we remove free access to this feature)

  • Algorithmic boosting to all your markets and comments (something like 20-50% more visibility)

  • Exclusive access to new or experimental features

  • More stuff we haven't thought of yet

It will cost something like $100 / year. (We'll probably let people pay in mana, but please answer the poll as if a credit card payment of $100 were the only option.)

Resolves YES if 25% or more respondents vote Yes. Poll closes on April 2 at 11:59 PT. I won't trade in this market (outside an initial ante bet).

Poll Result: 33% Yes

@AmmonLam your title says 2030, but the description says 2025.

@BoltonBailey Sorry fixed the description

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