More than half of humans will be overweight or obese by end of 2035?

Resolves YES as soon as the number is higher, even if it subsequently goes down. Resolves NO at end of 2035. Only living humans with physical bodies count. Ages five and over.

For the purposes of the report and this market, those with a body mass index (BMI) of 25+ are judged to be overweight or obese. This market will use the 2023 definition of BMI.

Numbers from the World Obesity Atlas are preferred, as this market is based on their pseudo-prediction, as reported.

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What age ranges will you resolve on? 5 and over? 20 and over?

@Tripping five and over, per linked article

predicts YES

Guessing that this question will be answered by which of the following arrives first to the global poor: abundant calories or the new GLP-1 drugs