Will Boris Kollár be elected a member of the Slovak parliament in the 2023 elections?
resolved Oct 1

Boris Kollár is a colourful character. He is the head of the "Sme rodina" (We are family) party boasting conservative and pro-family values. He has fathered 13 children with 11 different women. Sme rodina now polls at 5-7% with 5% being the minimum to get a seat in the parliament.

Elections are scheduled for September 30th 2023. If the election date changes but stays within 2023, this will resolve based on the earliest elections. If for some reasons no elections to Národná rada happen in 2023, this resolves to NA.

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With 99% votes counted, Sme rodina has 2.2%, way below the 5% threshold for entering parliament. https://echo24.cz/g/HVimx/svet-zpravy-slovensko-volby/2